Mowinckel’s Cups. Peanut Butter Hazelnut Cups with three types of chocolate.

Name brand peanut butter cups are old hat. Mowinckel’s Cups are what’s hip now.The bottom layer is dark chocolate, then there’s some peanut butter, just made from the peanut ball stuff I used from my last recipe, some hazelnut, and three kinds of chocolate. The bottom layer is dark chocolate, then the peanut butter. A layer of white chocolate with hazelnut above it, and topped off with milk chocolate.

They’re very rich and weight a lot, I don’t know how many calories are in each one, but it’s safe to say there’s an awful lot.

So these are actually really simple, and don’t ever need to enter the oven or anything. I’ll gloss over the peanut butter mix recipe and link you to my last article. It was literally the same recipe, we’re just leaving out the coconut and covering it in chocolate differently. It’s not straight peanut butter, it’s the type of stuff peanut butter balls are made out off. I will however provide an ingredients list. This makes 24. With some leftover peanut butter fixin’s but we can cover that in chocolate later.

Stuff you’ll need:
50g muffin pan (Mini Muffin pan, or 1.75 ozzes muffin pan, whatever ozzes are)
Mini muffin little the little paper things whatever they’re called.
Peanut butter: 360g
Powdered Sugar: 180g
Butter: 45g
Vanilla Extract: 3g

White Chocolate: 250g
Dark Chocolate: 250g
Milk chocolate: 275g
Hazelnut Spread: One of the bigger containers, but not the giant ones

So remember how I said I was going to link you to my last article regarding the peanut butter ball mix? Well here’s the link. Tah-dah. Follow the peanut butter ball part but don’t add the coconut or cover them in chocolate.

You can layer these however you like, actually. I did dark chocolate, then peanut butter, then white chocolate, then hazelnut, then milk chocolate. I don’t think the order matters. But melting the chocolate, let’s talk about that. The usual ratio of 5-10% shortening of total chocolate amount. So we’re using 250g of white and dark chocolate, add 12.5 to 25g or shortening. 13-27 for the milk chocolate. You can do the half assed double boiler, but I do recommend one of these. Protip: Put a lid on it, stir regularly, and be patient. It does take about 15 minutes for the chocolate to be ready, but you know what you can do in the meantime? Clean, get your next area prepped. When I use the melter I put the shortening in first, then about a third of the chocolate, mix it up, then another third, mix it up, and wait about five. Then add the rest, stir a couple more times and repeat until it’s ready to pour. Same steps for using a half assed double boiler, just shorter timeframes. Half assed double boiler is sautee pan that fits neatly over a pot filled about 15 ish percent full of water. Put the pan over top of it, get the water in the pot to a boil, bring it down to a touch below a boil, add the shortening, and slowly add the chocolate.

I also got one of these funnels, and I need another. They’re very good for laying down chocolate. If you don’t have one, a spoon works well, too. After you lay down your first layer of chocolate, whichever layer that is, go back around again and even it out so it’s as level as you can get it, then into the fridge or freezer. I prefer freezer, it hardens faster. After it’s hardened, we’re going to add the peanut butter. I used a piping gun for  this and used it to put a bit of peanut butter in the middle of each cup, and went the whole way around. After which I spread the peanut butter around the cups using a spoon spoon, without letting the peanut butter touching the edges, because we want to make sure the chocolate can get the whole way around and create a seal. After I lifted my spoon this created a little swirl at the top, which was problematic as it’d stick through the chocolate. So into the freezer they went, and after the peanut butter froze, it was real easy to mush the swirls down down.

So after we’ve taken care of our swirls, we’re gonna add our next layer of chocolate, up to you which kind. Pour it on around the edges first, then move to the middle let it pool in the middle, being careful to allow enough space for the next layers to fit. After you’ve gone all around, even it out, and into the freezer. You can even it out using a spoon, or a chopstick. After which, back into the fridge or freezer to harden, again.

Once it’s hardened it’s time to add the hazelnut. I used a piping gun for this, put a blob in the middle, went all the way around, then went back around and evened it out with a skewer. Again the swirls propagated from when I lifted the skewer from the hazelnut spread, but the freezer trick worked again.

Add your last layer of chocolate, I used milk chocolate which is why it has the highest amount, but if you want to use a different chocolate, make that one your highest amount. After the last layer of chocolate has been applied, even it out, then into the fridge. I added fancy gold wrappers to mine, you don’t have to.

Fancy wrapping not needed, but suggested.

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