Oh look something with peanut butter, coconut, almonds, and white chocolate.

What a god damn surprise this is. I made pretty much the same shit again, but I kinda do that when I buy a lot of a one ingredient. This time I bought a lot of coconut so I made coconut almond cookies, sandwiched them together with peanut butter spread (again), and as always, prettied it up with a mountain of chocolate.

Oh yeah it’s also on a stick, what the hell else is new?
So yeah how do we get started? Cookies, man. We make some cookies. You know, cookies. They’re easy. Make ’em like normal cookies, but add almonds and coconut.

Dry bowl:
Flour: 265g
Baking Powder: 9g
Salt: 2g

Wet Bowl:
Butter: 170g
Brown Sugar: 220g
Egg: One + One yolk
10g vanilla Extract

Bonus Parts:
Coconut: 110g
Almonds: 90g

As get your better softening, and mix together your dry ingredients. Sift it? I don’t. Once your butter is softened, mix together your wet ingredients. Then mix both your wet and your dry ingredients together. Then add your bonus parts, the coconut and almonds. Mix some more. Hey you made dough. I used 18g balls of dough for this one, spread out on a half sheet pan, and baked for about 12 minutes at 170c. After that I used a circle cutter to make ’em perfectly round. You can choose to do, or not to do this step.

I’ve clearly had a lot of leftover peanut butter ball mix, and I’ve been using it. Find out how to make it here.

So once we’ve got our cookies made and peanut butter ball mix made, we sandwich ’em together. I heated up my peanut butter ball mix in my chocolate melter to make it more pliable. Then I spooned a bit onto a cookie, put the stick in the middle, and gently smushered it together. After which, into the fridge while chocolate melts.

Use a double boiler, improvise a double boiler, use a dedicated melter, whatever. Just melt it. I melted both types of chocolate at once, and it took 700gs of each kind of chocolate. Ugh. So figure on two batches at 350g of chocolate and 15-25g of shortening. I coated one side, did the decoration, and into the fridge it went to cool. After which I flipped it over, and did the inverse on the opposite side.

To get the pretty swirls I dipped the thick end of a chopstick into my melting chocolate and did swirly motions with my hand. The thick end so more chocolate would pool and it wouldn’t drip off as fast. If you did everything right they’ll look like this.

They’re very good.

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